Saturday, 29 March 2014

W R A P   I T   U P ...

Text: Hina Nitesh

Is it just me or have you also sometimes bought things just because they looked beautiful. 
And when I say looked beautiful, mind you I am talking about even before opening the package. 
So essentially I am attracted to packaging. 
They do say something about not judging a book by its cover but then when it comes to products, 
it is important for the user to be attracted to them. 

I have selected these based on unique concept of packaging the product and the graphics and colours. So, without more blabbering, I will go straight to some of the best examples of packaging that I have come across.
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Image Courtesy - Left -   right -

Change in the carton design makes the milk flow smooth and you can't get it more literal than MILK.

Image Courtesy -

Haven't you always fretted over these small butter/jam packaging which made scooping the ingredient out a messy affair. Well, this innovative packaging where the lid also becomes the spoon solves the problem :)

Designed by Scholtz and friends the above two designs take the concept too literally and hence the Nike Air is packed in an airbag and the Festina waterproof watches in a water bag! I am not too sure about the practical aspect of the shoes packaging for we in India do try out a zillion pair before buying one but the watches are sure shot seller.

Packaging also becomes a medium of igniting your sense of humour. Tell me if the following images didn't make you smile

Image Courtesy -

Image Courtesy -

Image Courtesy -

Image Courtesy -

When it comes to being eco-friendly, packaging designers are not left behind. Packaging water in paper carton is definitely a beginning. 
Image Courtesy -

Packaging is an important requirement for fragile objects. This is an easy and innovative bulb package. 
Image Courtesy - www.

Image Courtesy -
 Snacks and ketchup in one.

Image Courtesy -

Image Courtesy -

Image Courtesy -

 Image Courtesy -

And my favourite design which takes the cake or should I say cheese - 

Image Courtesy -

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Monday, 24 March 2014

B L O W I N G   I N   T H E   W I N D

I am still in Holi mode. A great discovery this season has been eco-friendly gel colors - bright & glowing, like a fresh daub of poster colors. All shades of the spectrum to rub onto unsuspecting friends (the fun part) & then so easy to wash off - the "used to be" difficult part! 

This sentiment & COLOR reflects in our post today. Excuse this obsession with color - first Ochre, now more...This is too good to be not shared :)

Runaway Bicycle : what an unusual name for a clothing brand. But then, that's the spirit these clothes espouse. Made exclusively from Khadi and other handloomed fabrics, one can be free spirited to the heart's fill in these.

The designs are simple and price points quite there. Shorn of any form of embellishment, these garments can make one stand apart -  because of their timelessness, simplicity and color.

Isn't the packaging so appealing? 
Paper envelopes & engaging graphics - so much thought seems to have gone into designing all elements.

The photographs spell COLOR. 
The concept of the photo campaign is fresh & exciting - the focus is solely the garments, yet the pictures are an art project in themselves!

 I like the fact that there are no "faces".... A garment becomes the photograph's identity and to think of of it - it's now so easy to imagine oneself in that picture ;)

Should this have gotten you into a shopping mood, stock up on your summer wardrobe Here

I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this label - what a refreshing, contemporary take at indigenous textiles and at designing photo campaigns!

All Images: Runaway Bicycle 

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Snippets *1    Ramayana goes Digital

I am on Cloud Nine! Literally… Yes! Having waited for the past few months for the digitized version of the Mewar Ramayana to go online, I just couldn’t stop smiling yesterday, when the manuscript finally uploaded after a few patient attempts.

Image: British Library; Awakening Kumbhakarna, Ravana's brother for the war

The Mewar Ramayana was commissioned by the Royals of Rajasthan in the mid 1600’s and is considered to be one of the most beautifully illustrated versions. Parts (The seven Kandas/ Chapters) of the original manuscript are in various collections, including the CSMVS, Mumbai & the British Museum, London.  

 View the manuscript here.

I have leafed through a few pages and the illustrations are an absolute delight, especially given my interest in mythology & Mughal miniatures. Rich in detail, the manuscript is a pictorial journey highlighting the costumes & architecture of the Rajput courts. 

Topping on the cake is the succinct accompanying English translation of all text and I have just the right activity to indulge in with the kids over the next few weeks :)

All wanting to know what Ramayana is about, take a peep in here.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

T H E    R E L E V A N C E     O F    C R A F T S

Text: Hina Nitesh 

What is the significance of crafts in our lives? 
Is it just an exquisite piece that we keep in our living room to make it the focus 
of polite conversations or is there something more to it? How can craft become a 
regular part of our life?

To begin with, it is the lack of this very aspect that has resulted in many crafts finding themselves in a languishing state. 

My focus today is Collective craft, a brand that describes itself as ‘a collaborative of Architects, Designers and Artisans working towards promoting customised and handcrafted design applications’. Founded by Sibanand Bhol from SPA Delhi and Shweta Mohapatra from NID, this design studio started in Odisha. Focusing on the crafts of the state, the designers research the craft in terms of materials, techniques and artisan skills. These are important elements which decide the future course of products that are designed. 

A craft form can survive and flourish if and only if it can be redefined to become a part of our lives today. This is an important process because with changing times and lifestyle what was perfect once upon a time does not hold true today. So instead of losing out on a wealth of knowledge in the form of a craft, it is a good idea to transform it to contemporary needs.

The designer duo is bridging this gap between crafts and contemporary lifestyle by designing specially crafted products which have a demand in the market.

They also undertake projects to customise space as well as products.Bringing the products to the masses is also important and Collective Craft does retail its products through select stores across the country. They also participate in exhibitions regularly.

If you like something on their site you could drop them a mail at or contact them at 09971293327.

Do leave a comment about your views on crafts and their relevance in contemporary times

All images are courtesy Collective Craft


Friday, 14 March 2014

O  C  H  R  E     T  O  N  E  S

Ochre : The color evokes earthy imagery. 
It gives an impression of depth & richness, of the traditional...This is a color that has for long fascinated me. Teamed with blues & reds this color has been used since ancient times in textiles & embroideries, to stunning effect. 

Spring is around the corner.. I am just back from a vacation in the plains of North India where fields are a riot of mustard. Couple this with Holi and you can't blame me for having color on mind - lots of it :) To share this very 'colored' emotion, here I am with a selection of products (most of them handmade), for our readers to feast on - all with a dash of OCHRE!

Pssst...If you are in a mood to indulge, the links are included in Image credits

Images : 1. Etsy giardino;  2.;  3. Etsy nouveaudesigns

This is all so eye catching! A hand printed cushion, a door in Tunisia and an advent calendar featuring a streetscape from Amsterdam - I feel like opening each of these tiny flaps to see what's hidden inside..

Images: 4.;  5. Etsy lillipopsdesigns

Images (Etsy): 6. DanteTerzigni;  7. poolponydesign;  8. EloiseRenouf;  9. theblackbirdsings

Did you also notice that all these illustrations say "Nature" :)

Images (Etsy) : 10. ScoutandWhistle;  11. LittleJoobieBoo;  12. OleGlerup; 13. elukka
The patterns on this Aztec weave cushion are traditional, love how well the colors blend. The ceramic lamp - wow!

Images (Etsy): 14. LittleThingsHappen;  15. lluviadesigns;  16. theDeerCreekHouse;  17. elfinadesign

Images (Etsy except 21): 18. linkeldesigns;  19. emmalovesxxx;  20. juliaedean;  21.;  22. RoaringRetro

Ochre glass beads set in brass bead caps make for such a dainty piece.

Images: 23.;  24.
Ochre wall paint & wood tones - perfect pairing!

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

B E A D E D   D R E A M S

Text: Hina Nitesh

An accident is a pause in life. For some it is a God sent opportunity to change directions and restart life. Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB), the venture that I am going to talk about today is a result of one such accident. 

An advertising professional, Sreeti Mondol met with an accident which left her bed ridden for about 8 months. Absolutely bored with things, as she healed, she started dabbling in making candles. This is where she rediscovered the joy of making things with her own hands. One thing led to the other and then came this idea of stringing beads and making curtains. 

Beads - so tiny yet can hold so much joy. Ask a girl – any age – for the fascination with beads never ends (probably the material changes from glass to stones to gold…). As a small girl, Sreeti too was totally charmed with beads. She rediscovered this love and today has her clients mesmerized by them. She creates magic with beads by simply stringing the right colours and shapes and materials together. Her journey so far has been truly remarkable and this one woman enterprise is flourishing for all to see.

One look at her collection and you will realise the huge huge variety of beads and designs that she has executed. Sreeti’s work has transcended boundaries to become a work of art. 

The selection of the right beads and patterns leads to a play of light and colour. These curtains can be used as accents or to divide spaces while keeping the sense of space alive.

You can get to know more about the beaded curtains on her website

All images on the site are copyright Sreeti Mondol Memories of a Butterfly