Monday, 22 June 2015

T H A T   L I T T L E  C U R L Y  L I N E ...

Better known as a Squiggle is also the brand name chosen by designer Niyatee Sharma for her line of accessories for children. What sets Squiggle apart is the back to basics approach. Unlike the run-of-the-mill products for children that are synonymous with cartoon characters, bright colors, push button music and light, these are sensitively designed with materials close to nature.

The brand was born when Niyatee went looking for products for her son but could not find anything that appealed to her design sensibilities. This was also the time when she became aware of how the mass manufactured toys have replaced the handcrafted traditional wooden toys. She then decided to create a range for kids on her own. One thing led to the other and in no time Squiggle had made inroads in the world of children.

Made with material like wood, cloth etc, the products are designed to touch a special chord with the children. Simple lines, basic forms and soothing colors are a hallmark of Squiggle products. The rounded edges, the foam padding and load testing is the designer's way of ensuring that the products are also safe for children.

While growing up a toddler needs to explore the world around and make decisions and discover things for himself. Niyatee's products are aimed at just this - they ignite the child's curiosity while he plays with or uses these products. A fine balance has been created to ensure that the products neither spoon feed the child that he gets bored of them nor are they too complicated that he gives up on them.

Creativity and imagination being the buzz words in the world today. A rocking horse is what everyone is aware of. Think out of the box and you can have a rocking sheep or elephant or just about anything.

Squiggle is an option for design conscious parents who do not want something 'different' but but something that can 'make a difference' in their little ones' world. 

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