Monday, 28 September 2015

U t e    N a u e - M ü l l e r' s    C e r a m i c s

by Divya Agrawal

Artists who push boundaries, expand their vision and its mode of expression are always an inspiration. Their work is an absorbing, enriching palette to experience. 

Our featured artist today - Ceramicist Ute Naue-Müller's (formerly Ute grossmann) repertoire is expansive, multi faceted. Yet, one look and it's easy to identify her work, steeped that it is in experimentation, abstraction, patterns. 

Ute works largely with porcelain and raku. A playful, balanced mix of color and textures is a highlight of her works.  
She creates a variety of forms, both sculptural and utilitarian. These pieces come alive in her studio, infused with color (with an intensity I have rarely come across in ceramics), many a times evocative of the elements of nature.

Ute's background in Chemical Engineering, Painting & Graphics - all finds a palette in her Art. Here's a selection of her works - a celebration and a reason for the viewer to rejoice!

The patterns on some of the vessels above remind me of Architect Mario Botta's work. Balanced and beautiful!

The many shades of green and blue come alive in a pot. So does illusion.

I find Ute's sculptural work intriguing. Paired with inscribed text, these objects seem to be a commentary, an artist's take on a specific subject. (Pity, I can't read German)

Very simple forms take on a new 'avatar' with added texture and lines.

Animals feature in profusion in Ute's portfolio - a fish with features of a ship, chameleons in many colors, bears and hares...

And, Humpty Dumptys tumbling over! Some with windmills, others with circles rolling over.

The mosaic effect on Ute's work is breathtaking in its uniformity, execution and effect. I love the blue Humpty Dumpty - possibly a take on a postage stamp, covered in fine engravings to create a semblance of Earth. 

How many ways can one transform a form in?!

More animals..

This vast and truly diverse portfolio built over a span of a decade, speaks volumes about Ute's skill of expression on clay surfaces. I have no doubt she will be counted as one of the Ceramics Greats in times to come!

All images: Copyright  Ute Naue-Müller (formerly Ute Grossmann)

Text & creative layout copyrights: On the Design Boat   

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