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E C H O E  S  of  O U R   L I V E S


Hina Nitesh

After a few years of being stay at home moms, we both decided to DO something (we were already doing a lot as moms and wives). but we wanted to DO something more - something for ourselves. Over the years we had become more moms than the architect-designer we were trained to be so our first thought was of course about children...and as things turned out we decided to make clothes for little people and we are still taking baby steps in our clothing line for kids. 
You can view our designs here.

I am telling you about all this because it really is inspiring to see people are like us who have succeeded in making a mark for themselves. This post is about Almirah and MUNY both brands for little people (though MUNY has stuff for women as well).


Simple lines make elegant clothes for little people

The brain child of a Divya and Aditi - mother daughter duo (what fun to work like this) the brand caters for children in the age group of 0-12 years. Their range of products for children includes clothes, bedding, toys, accessories etc. They use organic cotton, soft mulmul, linen and wool for their entire line. 

Quirky motifs embroidered on the garments for the Indian touch

What stands out for me is the way it conveys 'Indian'. The brand does justice to the rich fabric which is block printed with contemporary and at times quirky motifs like cow, parrot, Indian truck, taxi, Vespa, etc all bringing out the essential link. Whether it is quilted or embroidered or has patchwork on it, you will be able to identify it with India.

Quilted in the traditonal manner these are soft and therefore ideal for the baby

The Indian market for kids clothing is flooded with run of the mill clothes which lack an Indian identity. We have a rich heritage as far as textile and crafts is concerned but it is sad that the same has not translated into regular clothes for children. The 'Indianess' seems to be reserved for ethnic clothes for the likes of weddings and festivals. Almirah is one brand that fills this void. the range of product in Almirah's portfolio reflects the traditional heritage while still being everyday clothes.

Sensitively designed accessories for baby care

The clothes as well as the embroidery patterns on them are designed by Aditi while Divya looks after the production aspect. Simple lines and comfortable to be in are two aspects that characterize these clothes. They are easy to wear as well as maintain.  Both the embroidery and block printing patterns retain their childlike qualities. Soft cloth and pastel shades make these clothes a must have for children. 

Let the toys also wear the same clothes...

I had a tough time deciding on my favourite in their collection but I absolutely love their teddy bears which are dressed in the same quirky block prints.

Almirah has retail outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengluru and an online shop.


Celebrating the rich Indian textile tradition

Let me begin by saying that if someone has lived in India, they cannot go untouched by the variety of weaves and sheer brilliance of colours, patterns and texture of Indian textiles. Keep this in mind when I tell you about MUNY(moo nee) - a children clothing brand based in Brooklyn. 

A contemporary touch to handloom fabric

An acronym of Mumbai New York, Muny's founder Samara Mahendru is an architect with masters in communication design. Though she had practiced architecture for 14 years, when she stepped into cloth and fabric it was totally uncharted territory. This is where the opening statement becomes relevant. Inspired by Indian traditional techniques like weaving and block printing, MUNY has a range of clothing for children, clothing for women and accessories. These products are unique in themselves for they are influenced by the designer's cultural background as well as the environment which she is living in at the moment.

Stylizing to give a new definition

The story of making of these clothes spans half the world - they are designed by Samara in Brooklyn and manufactured by craftsmen in Rajasthan in India. Block printed cottons, khadi and ikat are the fabrics  that are used for making these clothes. The designs add the contemporary touch whether in the form of the whimsical block print or in the style of the garment itself. The entire range for children is designed around being comfortable. They also have quilts, blankets and pillows for children made with the same fabric. One look and you will surely be bowled over by their softness which is successfully conveyed through pictures.

Snuggle into the softness

Apart from children, MUNY has designs on women as well which include dresses, skirts, tops, scarves etc. 

Blending the modern with traditional

To know more about MUNY and its range of products do stop by at its online store.

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