Thursday, 20 March 2014

T H E    R E L E V A N C E     O F    C R A F T S

Text: Hina Nitesh 

What is the significance of crafts in our lives? 
Is it just an exquisite piece that we keep in our living room to make it the focus 
of polite conversations or is there something more to it? How can craft become a 
regular part of our life?

To begin with, it is the lack of this very aspect that has resulted in many crafts finding themselves in a languishing state. 

My focus today is Collective craft, a brand that describes itself as ‘a collaborative of Architects, Designers and Artisans working towards promoting customised and handcrafted design applications’. Founded by Sibanand Bhol from SPA Delhi and Shweta Mohapatra from NID, this design studio started in Odisha. Focusing on the crafts of the state, the designers research the craft in terms of materials, techniques and artisan skills. These are important elements which decide the future course of products that are designed. 

A craft form can survive and flourish if and only if it can be redefined to become a part of our lives today. This is an important process because with changing times and lifestyle what was perfect once upon a time does not hold true today. So instead of losing out on a wealth of knowledge in the form of a craft, it is a good idea to transform it to contemporary needs.

The designer duo is bridging this gap between crafts and contemporary lifestyle by designing specially crafted products which have a demand in the market.

They also undertake projects to customise space as well as products.Bringing the products to the masses is also important and Collective Craft does retail its products through select stores across the country. They also participate in exhibitions regularly.

If you like something on their site you could drop them a mail at or contact them at 09971293327.

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All images are courtesy Collective Craft