Saturday, 22 March 2014

Snippets *1    Ramayana goes Digital

I am on Cloud Nine! Literally… Yes! Having waited for the past few months for the digitized version of the Mewar Ramayana to go online, I just couldn’t stop smiling yesterday, when the manuscript finally uploaded after a few patient attempts.

Image: British Library; Awakening Kumbhakarna, Ravana's brother for the war

The Mewar Ramayana was commissioned by the Royals of Rajasthan in the mid 1600’s and is considered to be one of the most beautifully illustrated versions. Parts (The seven Kandas/ Chapters) of the original manuscript are in various collections, including the CSMVS, Mumbai & the British Museum, London.  

 View the manuscript here.

I have leafed through a few pages and the illustrations are an absolute delight, especially given my interest in mythology & Mughal miniatures. Rich in detail, the manuscript is a pictorial journey highlighting the costumes & architecture of the Rajput courts. 

Topping on the cake is the succinct accompanying English translation of all text and I have just the right activity to indulge in with the kids over the next few weeks :)

All wanting to know what Ramayana is about, take a peep in here.