Monday, 24 March 2014

B L O W I N G   I N   T H E   W I N D

I am still in Holi mode. A great discovery this season has been eco-friendly gel colors - bright & glowing, like a fresh daub of poster colors. All shades of the spectrum to rub onto unsuspecting friends (the fun part) & then so easy to wash off - the "used to be" difficult part! 

This sentiment & COLOR reflects in our post today. Excuse this obsession with color - first Ochre, now more...This is too good to be not shared :)

Runaway Bicycle : what an unusual name for a clothing brand. But then, that's the spirit these clothes espouse. Made exclusively from Khadi and other handloomed fabrics, one can be free spirited to the heart's fill in these.

The designs are simple and price points quite there. Shorn of any form of embellishment, these garments can make one stand apart -  because of their timelessness, simplicity and color.

Isn't the packaging so appealing? 
Paper envelopes & engaging graphics - so much thought seems to have gone into designing all elements.

The photographs spell COLOR. 
The concept of the photo campaign is fresh & exciting - the focus is solely the garments, yet the pictures are an art project in themselves!

 I like the fact that there are no "faces".... A garment becomes the photograph's identity and to think of of it - it's now so easy to imagine oneself in that picture ;)

Should this have gotten you into a shopping mood, stock up on your summer wardrobe Here

I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this label - what a refreshing, contemporary take at indigenous textiles and at designing photo campaigns!

All Images: Runaway Bicycle 

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