Saturday, 28 June 2014

S n i p p e t   *   11     E V E R   C o l o r f u l    P O P P I E S

Images: Marimekko

'Unniko', the iconic fabric pattern by Finnish design company Marimekko has turned 50 this year. 
Fifty, still fresh as ever! 
These gorgeous poppies are available in many beautiful color combinations and adorn many an object right from umbrellas, dresses & bags to mugs. 
The print is wildly popular. No wonder, it is perhaps one of the most recognized fabric designs in the world.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

 C A N V A S    C I T I E S    

Cityscapes can be compared to a giant, living canvas. 

A canvas that is a repository for history, a landscape that is constantly colored by the people who live out their dreams & aspirations in it. 
I bring to you today works by artist Vinita Karim, who paints spell binding city canvases..

Cities are complex organisms and this complexity reflects in Vinita's paintings. There is layering, imagery & color - all used to stunning effect to convey the essence of an experience, a place. Some places seem to brim over, others breathe despite their busyness. Infused with gold, some cityscapes almost have a surreal, mythical quality to them...

Vinita's interpretations are vibrant and varied, a consequence of her having lived and traveled through many parts of the world. These experiences seem to have colored the tapestry of her work, infusing a richness that is at once unique & captivating. 

One can see deserts, port towns, cities that are tranquil & asleep under the gaze of a sleepy moon, cities in a frenzy of celebrations, landscapes buried in deep blue waters and many more visions.

The depth & detail in Vinita's work leaves one spell bound. 
Her mastery over color and ability to interpret & weave patterns is simply amazing. 

Here is a selection of some of her works that I loved. Breeze through and soak into the beauty of these paintings.. 
For more, check out the artist's website here

The other side of the moon, 2012

The forgotten land, 2012

Secret city, 2012

Golden Harbor

The half-moon, 2012

Read sail, 2012

Rising Waters, 2011

Water celebrations1, 2011

Celebrations , 2012

Sculpture by Vinita Karim

All Images: Vinita Karim

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

S n i p p e t  *  1 0     P A I N T E D    W O N D E R S


Another one of the colorful wonders of nature after rainbows, coral, bird of paradise & peacocks :)

Cuba is known as the 'paradise of snails' and these are painted tree snails from this h(e)aven.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

C O L O R     m e    M O N S O O N
 Monsoon is here! 
The heat is slowly peeling away. 
Gulmohars & Jacarandas are in full bloom, a spectacle in orange & purple. 
Colorful umbrellas are out.
 Little children are enjoying a dance under pouring skies.
Maybe we too should join and soak in the feel of this very special season. 

Monsoon is another season of color to me. Its the time when everything goes green. And, I try to add color to eveything to tide over the grey & blue :)

So, here we are with a gorgeous collection of colorful products, all handmade by some very talented artists. 
(Perhaps a cue to pick up that hobby you left behind, while it pours outside) 
Click on Image credits to go to respective stores, where these products are available for purchase

Images: 1. PrinceDesignUK; 2. OnepearTree; 3. pmodesign; 4. peifferStudios

Ceramics that say 'Aqua', in various hues of blue & green. 
The leaf shape platter with crackled glass glaze, made from recycled colored glass bottles is my favorite. 
The porcelain salt & pepper shakers are so quirky.

Images: 5. ShebboDesign; 6. CoastalMaineCreation; 7. ADIKILAV

I like the look of this diaphanous hand stamped cotton scarf. A hand tooled 'hedwig'* leather book mark for those of us looking to spend a rainy afternoon curled up with a book.

Images: 8. schalleszter; 9. blimpcat

The Eskimo looks happy on the superbly illustrated iceberg! 
S(he) can certainly do with some steaming hot Caffè - the menu is exhaustive :) 

Images: 10. linkeldesigns; 11. 2vaani; 12. cooljewelrydesign; 13. Lulya; 14. CreaShines; 15. Grimme

'An assortment of jewelry'
Mustard teardrops set in brass bead caps bring just the dash of color on a rainy day. 
The amethyst pendant & pearl-shell neck piece are so raw & natural..
Tree of Life cufflinks - anyone? 

Images: 16. TheWanderingWorkshop; 17. lepetitpot; 18. manzanitakids; 19. Vibys; 20. SewnNatural

For the little ones..
Innovative animal gift wrap packs & colorful wooden toys.
These red suede boots are fit for a princess!
Bunnies from one of my favorite stores - SewnNatural (Do check this one out - they have amazing merchandize, all hand made in the most beautiful prints & equally stunning designs)

Images: 21. BcCreativeDesigns; 22. etco; 23. ionesAttic; 24. claylicious; 25. zime

Aren't the aspen wood coasters gorgeous? 
I love the white paper machie bowl with gold leaf inlay. 
Hand painted Calla lilies look perfectly framed on the vintage porcelain vase.

That was enough monsoon color to last you an afternoon :) 
Till we meet another rainy day...a cappuccino from me to you! 

* Hedwig: Harry potter's  pet owl in Harry Potter series

Images: Courtsey respective Etsy shops

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Monday, 9 June 2014

S I M P L E     T R A N S F O R M A T I O N S
The language of visuals is riveting. It makes an immediate impact and is a potent tool for any kind of marketing/ advertising. The visual medium is also what many artists use to express their innermost emotions & creativity. I have been a fan of uncluttered, minimal graphics. These are the ones I find most effective by virtue of them being simple and easy to absorb.

Ecuador based designer Javier Perez's work falls in this category of creative design. It is precise, minimal & conveys the idea bang on! Perez uses objects to create graphics; everyday objects that transform to become a tool for artistic expression.

The following are some of my favorites from Perez's collections titled "Instagram Experiments I & II".

The pink background highlights a chick hatching out of a 'real' egg. Nails on a porcupines back - what better a way to denote 'prickly' :)

Ready to fight with pliers? Beware of the bee's sting!

The designer uses an array of objects from nature, food, tools, stationery etc. to stunning effect.

Those paint blobs certainly look very fresh AND edible :)

Munch your way through..

The man behind this coin's design! 
Love the trumpet's concept.

Squirrel in motion.....

Papa floppy with baby SD in queue for a hot air ballon ride!
I have thoroughly enjoyed these visuals. Hope you too have :)

All images :
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

C E L E B R A T I N G   D E S I G N

Text: Hina Nitesh

Festivals are synonymous with celebrations. 
For us at 'On the Design Boat', it is design festivals which cause a 
lot of excitement. The reason is that these festivals offer designers a platform to showcase their creativity and express themselves without 
being bound by any rules. The result is a wide array of products which show an 'out of the box' thinking. 

Milan in Italy has been holding a design festival for more than 50 years. Its 53rd edition was held this year from 8th to 15th April. We bring to you a coverage of the event in the form of products  showcased there...

Image Courtesy -

3 Dots Collective founded by Anabella Vivas, Miguelangel Troccoli and Vanessa Redondo, have designed Potpurri - a collection of small, modular containers. There is a set of 10 parts which can be combined in about 100 ways to create products ranging from lamps to tableware. 

Image Courtesy -

Tactile Tablewear by Lousie Rietvink, a student of  Interior Architecture and Furniture Design consists of a wood, ceramic and glass cruet. Food and its relationship with hygiene was the concept behind this design.

Image Courtesy -

Designed by Luca Nichetto and Lera Moisseva, Cheburashka is a ceramic tableware set. The design is based on the concept of food sharing and consists of a cooking pot, serving cup and two bowls.

Image Courtesy -
Arnout Meijer Studio's wall lamp O comes as close to natural light as can be. The intensity and colour of the light can be customised by the user to mimic natural daylight. 

Image Courtesy -

Studiofem is a piece of furniture designed by Britt Rasmussen in collaboration with Michael Daae Christensen. Made of plywood and felt, the shelves in the system can be adjusted as per individual needs.  

Image Courtesy -

Foroofficina the Italian design studio has designed a shelving system that can be customised as per user requirements. Foro Verticale, as the system is known consists of members of bi-laminate plywood board which can be fitted anywhere in matrix of system to create shelves for home as well as shop displays.  

Image Courtesy -

Experimenting with materials, designer Florian Hundt has created Anisotrop. Made of small pieces of wood veneer, Anisotrop is a flexible material which can take any shape depending on the moisture content in the veneer. It can be used both for practical as well as decorative purposes.

Image Courtesy -

Finding a use for newspapers and magazines, NJU Studio has designed Hockenheimer, an adjustable storage stool. Not only does this product let individuals collect and store newspapers and magazines, it also offers a sustainable solution for furniture. 

Image Courtesy -

Inspired by a plant which has leaves which naturally look different, Folia Lumina is designed by Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink  of Ontwerpduo.  LED lights are placed in the leaves and lend a natural touch. LEDs reflect, discolour, mute or strengthen light while being flexible.   

Image Courtesy -
Designed by Raquel Llaberia and Saul Baeza of the Hunch Project, A2 is a multifunctional object.  A2 is a container that is portable. The product is made with a wool compound which retains the charateristics of the material. The lining inside the bag is made with different fabrics and is available in different colours.

Image courtesy -

Designed by Michele de Luchhi for Artemide, ‘Melathron’, the lamp is an exercise in structural engineering. Steel sheets connect  different layers of the lamp. The lamp does not have a bulb instead aluminum rings camouflage LED strips. 

Image Courtesy -

Dossofiorito, a young Italian design studio has designed Phytophiler - an object that symbolises their love for plants. Hand thrown terracotta pots are polished with natural beeswax. They are accompanied by a variety of attachments in stainless steel and birch plywood that determine the movement and growth of vegetation. 

Image Courtesy -

Inspired by Disney character, Mickey Mouse these table lamps are designed by Ingo Maurer. These limited edition lamps are bulbs with mickey mouse ears. They are available in lacquered black, white or plain brass.

Image Courtesy -

Jo Nagasaka's furniture pieces are inspired the the traditional Japanese craft form known as ‘Take Kago’ or use of bamboo in the the context of weaving; and ‘shibari’ – tying something with string.

Image  Courtesy -

Bloom - thread bowls designed by Jun Murakoshi

Image Courtesy -
Alice is a glass sculpture designed by Petra Krausova for Lasvit. It is a kinetic sculpure which is inspired by the leaf and the trees. Like the flowers, the individual pieces of the sculpture are fragile, original and unique. 

Image courtesy

This is a chair made of layered kvadrat felt. Named Cloud, the chair is designed by Richard Hutten.

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