Monday, 9 June 2014

S I M P L E     T R A N S F O R M A T I O N S
The language of visuals is riveting. It makes an immediate impact and is a potent tool for any kind of marketing/ advertising. The visual medium is also what many artists use to express their innermost emotions & creativity. I have been a fan of uncluttered, minimal graphics. These are the ones I find most effective by virtue of them being simple and easy to absorb.

Ecuador based designer Javier Perez's work falls in this category of creative design. It is precise, minimal & conveys the idea bang on! Perez uses objects to create graphics; everyday objects that transform to become a tool for artistic expression.

The following are some of my favorites from Perez's collections titled "Instagram Experiments I & II".

The pink background highlights a chick hatching out of a 'real' egg. Nails on a porcupines back - what better a way to denote 'prickly' :)

Ready to fight with pliers? Beware of the bee's sting!

The designer uses an array of objects from nature, food, tools, stationery etc. to stunning effect.

Those paint blobs certainly look very fresh AND edible :)

Munch your way through..

The man behind this coin's design! 
Love the trumpet's concept.

Squirrel in motion.....

Papa floppy with baby SD in queue for a hot air ballon ride!
I have thoroughly enjoyed these visuals. Hope you too have :)

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