Saturday, 21 May 2016

N a r r a t i v e s    i n    W o o d
Nature continues to fascinate me. More than ever now, with both my little ones taking keen interest in all things natural around them - flowers, bird songs, leaves and trees. The other day, the peeling brown bark of a palm tree that resembled gunny bag fabric was a world of wonder to them, and me. 

Elements of nature are unique, in their texture, feel and appearance. The differences may be subtle, but each piece of wood carries a story, is a witness to many events that you or I may not have touched upon. Our featured artist today, Marc Bourlier is an Artist and Sculptor based in France who works with driftwood and linen thread to create narratives in wood.

Look closely and you can interpret a story in each sculpture.
"A person is a person, no matter how small" says Dr. Suess. So true, for much like the colony/ society of any living species, every figure has a unique and indispensable place in each of Marc's compositions. 

The faces immediately strike you - gnarled, withered, some stoic others filled with wonder. 

Marc deftly uses his material of choice and exploits its qualities to the fullest to create variations required for these narratives.

Tall and short, leaning in, forlorn, together - a composite expression created through placement of figures.

Marc's work is also a showcase of the multitude of expressions possible using a single medium and vocabulary.

I was reading Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' the other day (Yes, on my daughter's insistence!) and some of these sculptures reminded me of the story of Sophie and the friendly Giant :) Is the Giant carrying the humans to safety, or has he already gobbled them up? Is it hope that towers above all; is it love that keeps us going and binds us together? Are we a small part of the very large Universe, and, Nature encompasses all? One can interpret these sculptures to mean so much..

As I, as an artist, continue to explore human behavior and linked patterns, I find Marc's work very interesting. These sculptures offer a peep into individual traits while being portrayed as a group. There are individuals that stand out, or,  there may be one that determines the direction of the rest. Some seem to dominate, at other places lead. And then there are pieces where one finds a multitude of personalities, yet, it appears to be an ordinary 'group'.

The pieces above portray family / community for sure - together in a shelter, shared emotions and resources.

I have fallen in love with Marc Bourlier's Art and skill - of putting together pieces of driftwood to create sculpture that grips you, forces you to think, introspect and marvel. Hope you too share some of these emotions :)

Images: Marc Bourlier
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