Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A R T   o n   L I N E N

ANAVILA means 'Pure' in Sanskrit. An unusual name, I chanced upon the brand while researching sarees, a couple of years ago. Anavila was then offering some beautiful plain linen sarees in pastels besides a home line comprising cushion covers and framed art, both featuring some lovely botanicals.

I loved Anavila then, and now even more, having seen her art evolve over time. Anavila Misra, the lady behind this label is an artist in the true sense - she expresses and evokes emotions through her chosen canvas - fabric.

Anavila offers sarees in linen, cotton, silk in a medley of colors. The most recent collection titled "Mohenjo - Daro" is poetry in motion. Enchanting colors, prints, silhouettes - all fused together to evoke this mysterious settlement dating to the Indus Valley Civilization.

Indigo, madder red, soot black, ochre - earthy colors, all evocative of the natural and the past, feature prominently in this collection.

The Ajrakh printing technique is worthy of note in these sarees - patterns resonant of those seen in seals from the era.

Cotton was India's pride historically. Indigo was a prized discovery and made its way to the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and others from India.  These sarees embody the simplicity and finesse I associate with treasures like the finest mulmul & natural indigo...


Some of Anavila's earlier collections too have been breathtaking in their theme - like the picture above left featuring botanicals and the ones below, in solid colors. 
All very contemporary & luxurious, while still holding a thread to what I call 'Indian'  :)

Anavila, you made me fall in love with sarees, all over again..

Images: Anavila  

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