Thursday, 21 January 2016


Winter is a time for enjoying many a activity afresh - walks in the lovely afternoon sun, admiring nature's colors and variety, cosying up in woolens and many more. 
Mumbai is colder than usual this season. I am wrapped up in a light sweater and feeling very inspired - by the small excursions I have been able to go on, the new things I've seen and by the general sense of cool cosyness at home.

A perfect time to share 'winter ideas' with our readers - a selection of products that say warmth and winter!

Colors acquire a new meaning in this season. Brightness appeals, be it of the sun or in the surroundings. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers - these hand felted slippers with bright red poppies and the printed merino wool scarf are truly a winter luxury.

Images (Etsy): 1. sudarium; 2. anitaivancenko; 3. Crafticum; 4. AureliaFeltStudio

Cold calls for warmth and when is a better day to enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate with frosted cookies?!

Images (Etsy): 1. JuliaSmithCeramics; 2. OldTimeFavorites; 3. FreshPottery;  4. PrintableWisdom;

Mumbai is close to strawberry land, and one big aspect of winter for our family is strawberries :) Bake with them, add cream or simply eat them fresh. Better still, Wear them!

Images (Etsy): 1. ManyMornings; 2. CosyFabric; 3. francesfoxvintage

 Many reminders that winter is here - penguin paper clips and snow squirrel printed tote bag, a crocheted Christmas tree bookmark, a woollen kilim cushion and candles..

Images (Etsy): 1. HoweCute4You; 2. ChezGermaineCaillou; 3. rugold; 4. DecoDvorik, 5. Draiguna;

Nature is poetry in winter as snow shines on thistles and shrubs.
 Volcanic ash freezes in this iceberg to form patterns - so amazing!

Images (Etsy): 1. TheForestsEdgePhotos; 2. EyePoetryPhotography; 3. FotoartbyMarky

 Cardinals are the nature's bright spot in white winters. A collection of prints celebrating this beauty.

Images (Etsy): 1. strawberryluna; 2. GailWatkinsFineArts; 3. bmarinacci

Fairytales often speak about the clever red fox up to some tricks in a snowy winter. I personally love the orange colored animated depictions of this lovable animal. 
How about having her for company on a winter day - on your woolens and stationary?!

Image (Etsy) : 1. PeddlingPanda; 2. MelimeBabyArt; 3. Tuttolv; 4. JahnaVashti

Cosy and warmth immediately associates with babies. My mother pampered me as a kid with umpteen hand knitted, beautifully patterned sweaters and caps. Indeed, nothing matches the warmth of a hand knitted woolie..

Images (Etsy): WinterWhiteKnits; 2,4. SilverMapleKnits; 3. MerrycatShop; 5. rugold; 6. SrechaHandknits

Images (Etsy): 1. JillyAtlanta; 2. PetiteBellaaa; 3. thepurplehedgehog; 4. SewnNatural

Winter i.e. more indoors i.e. toys :) 
The gnomes are simply adorable. A cleverly designed puzzle - a polar bear family huddling together in the cold..Owls, bunnies - take your pick!

Images (Etsy): 1. HookedoPatterns; 2. PUPURIN; 3. Ecopuzzle; 4. StudioInBudapest; 5. mochimochiland

 More for warmth - jackets, scarves, hoodies and boots. One for your cellphone too ;)

Images (Etsy): 1. MaLieb; 2. AureliaFeltStudio3. WoolenClogs; 4. anitaivancenko; 5. WinterWhiteKnits

Some winter landscapes in print. 
I love the minimalism in the prints on extremes - a very poetic depiction of the bareness in a snowy Winter..

Images (Etsy): 1. blancucha; 2. FavoriteStory; 3. evesand

 Let's end here celebrating the spirit of Christmas and all the cheer it brings :)
Images (Etsy): 1.  FreshModernFabric; 2. MyKnitCroch; 3. KnockKnockCloset

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A  G I V E A W A Y

W I T H 

C R E A T I V E   B O X

Text: Hina Nitesh (with inputs from Bhairavi Malkani)

OTDB is pleased to start this new year with a bang! 
On this post is the much awaited giveaway kindly sponsored by Bhairavi Malkani of 'Creative Box'. 
Let's get to know this wonderful lady and her venture before we reveal the goodie that can be yours...

Warli painting on coasters

'Chase your dream, have patience and believe in yourself, don’t give up halfway as the real journey begins only after you have reached the goal.'

This is what Bhairavi has to say to those who want to do something on their own.

Dotillism art butterfly on a purse

Talent can lay hidden deep inside you till its the right moment and then something clicks and it blossoms the way you had never imagined it would...If you think I am being too poetic read Bhairavi's story. She has come a long way for someone who was never interested in arts & crafts. This was till she found herself a part of a campaign creating posters for an environmental cause in college and realized that she wanted to do this her entire life!!! 

Many ways of saying 'peacock'

A short stint of art education at the Nirmala Niketan institute nurtured the creativity and rest as they say is history! Today, Bhairavi has a bag making enterprise, holds art & craft workshops for children and art therapy workshops for adults.
Recycled T-lite holders

Bhairavi took up teaching art & craft during college with focus on best out of waste workshops. These continued post marriage and through her corporate work life too. Three years later she had quit the job and immersed herself full time in the creative pursuits.

Coasters from milk carton

She met a fair trade organization promoting the use of upcycled & organic cloth bags which got her interested in upcycling cloth. She inquired with the local tailors about their fabric waste and fashioned these into utility products.

Handpainted Lotus motif on bag...

The size of the fabric dictates the form it will take to utilize it to the maximum. The embellishment is first in the form of a rough sketch on paper with colour pens. It takes 20 minutes to stitch the basic bag and 2 hours to paint the image. 

Buddha on bag and cushion cover

 Encouragement from family and friends and good response at at flea markets and other events kept Bhairavi busy. Its been 5 years now and she is spreading the word of fashion with a cause.

Contemporary motifs handpainted

Creative Box started out with the urge to give back to nature a little. To share our belief of keeping our culture alive & preserving our nature through art & fashion. Bhairavi wants to take her venture to the next step through helping promote small time artists & entrepreneurs by sharing their work through a social blog dedicated to promoting home based entrepreneurs.

OTDB wishes Bhairavi all the best for her future endeavours.

And now for the much awaited GIVEAWAY...

This beautiful hand painted upcycled clutch can be yours ...yipppeee!!!!

You need to follow three simple steps:

1. Like OTDB
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3. Leave a comment on our FB page here and tell us what attire would you team up this clutch with? For that little extra you can leave a comment on the blog as well.The most interesting answer wins!

Simple isn't it? The contest runs till 20th January 2016. So hurry and post your ideas here! Keep watching this space for the winner announcement.  

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