Thursday, 21 January 2016


Winter is a time for enjoying many a activity afresh - walks in the lovely afternoon sun, admiring nature's colors and variety, cosying up in woolens and many more. 
Mumbai is colder than usual this season. I am wrapped up in a light sweater and feeling very inspired - by the small excursions I have been able to go on, the new things I've seen and by the general sense of cool cosyness at home.

A perfect time to share 'winter ideas' with our readers - a selection of products that say warmth and winter!

Colors acquire a new meaning in this season. Brightness appeals, be it of the sun or in the surroundings. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers - these hand felted slippers with bright red poppies and the printed merino wool scarf are truly a winter luxury.

Images (Etsy): 1. sudarium; 2. anitaivancenko; 3. Crafticum; 4. AureliaFeltStudio

Cold calls for warmth and when is a better day to enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate with frosted cookies?!

Images (Etsy): 1. JuliaSmithCeramics; 2. OldTimeFavorites; 3. FreshPottery;  4. PrintableWisdom;

Mumbai is close to strawberry land, and one big aspect of winter for our family is strawberries :) Bake with them, add cream or simply eat them fresh. Better still, Wear them!

Images (Etsy): 1. ManyMornings; 2. CosyFabric; 3. francesfoxvintage

 Many reminders that winter is here - penguin paper clips and snow squirrel printed tote bag, a crocheted Christmas tree bookmark, a woollen kilim cushion and candles..

Images (Etsy): 1. HoweCute4You; 2. ChezGermaineCaillou; 3. rugold; 4. DecoDvorik, 5. Draiguna;

Nature is poetry in winter as snow shines on thistles and shrubs.
 Volcanic ash freezes in this iceberg to form patterns - so amazing!

Images (Etsy): 1. TheForestsEdgePhotos; 2. EyePoetryPhotography; 3. FotoartbyMarky

 Cardinals are the nature's bright spot in white winters. A collection of prints celebrating this beauty.

Images (Etsy): 1. strawberryluna; 2. GailWatkinsFineArts; 3. bmarinacci

Fairytales often speak about the clever red fox up to some tricks in a snowy winter. I personally love the orange colored animated depictions of this lovable animal. 
How about having her for company on a winter day - on your woolens and stationary?!

Image (Etsy) : 1. PeddlingPanda; 2. MelimeBabyArt; 3. Tuttolv; 4. JahnaVashti

Cosy and warmth immediately associates with babies. My mother pampered me as a kid with umpteen hand knitted, beautifully patterned sweaters and caps. Indeed, nothing matches the warmth of a hand knitted woolie..

Images (Etsy): WinterWhiteKnits; 2,4. SilverMapleKnits; 3. MerrycatShop; 5. rugold; 6. SrechaHandknits

Images (Etsy): 1. JillyAtlanta; 2. PetiteBellaaa; 3. thepurplehedgehog; 4. SewnNatural

Winter i.e. more indoors i.e. toys :) 
The gnomes are simply adorable. A cleverly designed puzzle - a polar bear family huddling together in the cold..Owls, bunnies - take your pick!

Images (Etsy): 1. HookedoPatterns; 2. PUPURIN; 3. Ecopuzzle; 4. StudioInBudapest; 5. mochimochiland

 More for warmth - jackets, scarves, hoodies and boots. One for your cellphone too ;)

Images (Etsy): 1. MaLieb; 2. AureliaFeltStudio3. WoolenClogs; 4. anitaivancenko; 5. WinterWhiteKnits

Some winter landscapes in print. 
I love the minimalism in the prints on extremes - a very poetic depiction of the bareness in a snowy Winter..

Images (Etsy): 1. blancucha; 2. FavoriteStory; 3. evesand

 Let's end here celebrating the spirit of Christmas and all the cheer it brings :)
Images (Etsy): 1.  FreshModernFabric; 2. MyKnitCroch; 3. KnockKnockCloset

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