Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I N T O   A   M A G I C A L   W O R L D  

Text : Hina Nitesh

                                              Onthedesignboat today is a collage artist - Caroline Rose.

Simple forms cut from paper stuck on coloured canvas

Simplicity and  innocence are the two emotions that overwhelm me as I look at Caroline Rose's works. Her collages are beautiful and mesmerizing and to me they signify fun. The fun part is not just for a child but for adults as well.

The colours are vibrant - appealing to the child in you

I came upon her site accidentally courtesy a friend who had liked her page on Facebook. But once I started browsing through her portfolio, I just couldn't stop myself. Each image was more attractive and beautiful than the previous one. I had such a tough time deciding which ones to showcase for this post.

It is indeed the world of fairies and pixies 

Caroline Rose has a background in fine arts and interior design. She has even worked as an interior designer. Her love for art and creativity have always been a part of her and her work. She worked as an interior designer for sometime but took a break to raise her family. She never went back to the same work instead she decided to stay at home with her children and focused her energies on creating these miniature works of art.  

Attention to detail brings out the real image

Travel back to childhood with all the magic the collage offers

She grew up in the foothills of mountains in Victoria, Australia and the place contributed a big way in shaping her imagination. Later she moved to Nottingham in the UK and revisited these ideas in the form of collages. She finds inspiration all around her children' stories, songs, words, nature around her etc.

Representation of a real city - Salzburg

Caroline Rose's art work can be distinguished by the trademark bright and vibrant colours. I was hooked and I wished I could be a child once again. 

Collage on the cover of a notebook

Neat and tidy - all the tiny cutting and pasting executed with perfection

The collages are not mere illustrations, they tell a story by themselves. One look at them and you will feel compelled to get to know more about the characters you see.

Calling out to the child in you to join in the magical adventure

What makes her collages stand out is the skill. All the pieces are entirely handmade. Right from deciding what colors, shapes and patterns, to cutting out the tiniest of the details to sticking them so they all come together in a harmonious manner - is done by her with scissors and cutter.

An arc that has become unforgettable

She pays a lot of attention to details - the wisp of a hair, the tiny eyes of the flitting bee, the patterns on the clothes worn by the characters - all contribute in a big way to her collage. 

Whimsical and funny - sure to bring a smile
There seems to be no scope for any mistakes and nothing betrays the fact that all the pieces are entirely hand made. What might seem unbelievable at times is the fact that all the pieces are cut by hand and later pasted together in a very neat fashion.

Now art that you can wear - Collage in a pendant

To enjoy her artworks, you need to begin to associate yourself with this world - one which you might have dreamt of in childhood - of fairies and pixies and all the magic.

These art works are available in her shop on etsy and folksy.

All images: Copyright Caroline Rose

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