Tuesday, 17 June 2014

C O L O R     m e    M O N S O O N
 Monsoon is here! 
The heat is slowly peeling away. 
Gulmohars & Jacarandas are in full bloom, a spectacle in orange & purple. 
Colorful umbrellas are out.
 Little children are enjoying a dance under pouring skies.
Maybe we too should join and soak in the feel of this very special season. 

Monsoon is another season of color to me. Its the time when everything goes green. And, I try to add color to eveything to tide over the grey & blue :)

So, here we are with a gorgeous collection of colorful products, all handmade by some very talented artists. 
(Perhaps a cue to pick up that hobby you left behind, while it pours outside) 
Click on Image credits to go to respective stores, where these products are available for purchase

Images: 1. PrinceDesignUK; 2. OnepearTree; 3. pmodesign; 4. peifferStudios

Ceramics that say 'Aqua', in various hues of blue & green. 
The leaf shape platter with crackled glass glaze, made from recycled colored glass bottles is my favorite. 
The porcelain salt & pepper shakers are so quirky.

Images: 5. ShebboDesign; 6. CoastalMaineCreation; 7. ADIKILAV

I like the look of this diaphanous hand stamped cotton scarf. A hand tooled 'hedwig'* leather book mark for those of us looking to spend a rainy afternoon curled up with a book.

Images: 8. schalleszter; 9. blimpcat

The Eskimo looks happy on the superbly illustrated iceberg! 
S(he) can certainly do with some steaming hot Caffè - the menu is exhaustive :) 

Images: 10. linkeldesigns; 11. 2vaani; 12. cooljewelrydesign; 13. Lulya; 14. CreaShines; 15. Grimme

'An assortment of jewelry'
Mustard teardrops set in brass bead caps bring just the dash of color on a rainy day. 
The amethyst pendant & pearl-shell neck piece are so raw & natural..
Tree of Life cufflinks - anyone? 

Images: 16. TheWanderingWorkshop; 17. lepetitpot; 18. manzanitakids; 19. Vibys; 20. SewnNatural

For the little ones..
Innovative animal gift wrap packs & colorful wooden toys.
These red suede boots are fit for a princess!
Bunnies from one of my favorite stores - SewnNatural (Do check this one out - they have amazing merchandize, all hand made in the most beautiful prints & equally stunning designs)

Images: 21. BcCreativeDesigns; 22. etco; 23. ionesAttic; 24. claylicious; 25. zime

Aren't the aspen wood coasters gorgeous? 
I love the white paper machie bowl with gold leaf inlay. 
Hand painted Calla lilies look perfectly framed on the vintage porcelain vase.

That was enough monsoon color to last you an afternoon :) 
Till we meet another rainy day...a cappuccino from me to you! 

* Hedwig: Harry potter's  pet owl in Harry Potter series

Images: Courtsey respective Etsy shops

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