Tuesday, 24 June 2014

 C A N V A S    C I T I E S    

Cityscapes can be compared to a giant, living canvas. 

A canvas that is a repository for history, a landscape that is constantly colored by the people who live out their dreams & aspirations in it. 
I bring to you today works by artist Vinita Karim, who paints spell binding city canvases..

Cities are complex organisms and this complexity reflects in Vinita's paintings. There is layering, imagery & color - all used to stunning effect to convey the essence of an experience, a place. Some places seem to brim over, others breathe despite their busyness. Infused with gold, some cityscapes almost have a surreal, mythical quality to them...

Vinita's interpretations are vibrant and varied, a consequence of her having lived and traveled through many parts of the world. These experiences seem to have colored the tapestry of her work, infusing a richness that is at once unique & captivating. 

One can see deserts, port towns, cities that are tranquil & asleep under the gaze of a sleepy moon, cities in a frenzy of celebrations, landscapes buried in deep blue waters and many more visions.

The depth & detail in Vinita's work leaves one spell bound. 
Her mastery over color and ability to interpret & weave patterns is simply amazing. 

Here is a selection of some of her works that I loved. Breeze through and soak into the beauty of these paintings.. 
For more, check out the artist's website here

The other side of the moon, 2012

The forgotten land, 2012

Secret city, 2012

Golden Harbor

The half-moon, 2012

Read sail, 2012

Rising Waters, 2011

Water celebrations1, 2011

Celebrations , 2012

Sculpture by Vinita Karim

All Images: Vinita Karim

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