Friday, 14 March 2014

O  C  H  R  E     T  O  N  E  S

Ochre : The color evokes earthy imagery. 
It gives an impression of depth & richness, of the traditional...This is a color that has for long fascinated me. Teamed with blues & reds this color has been used since ancient times in textiles & embroideries, to stunning effect. 

Spring is around the corner.. I am just back from a vacation in the plains of North India where fields are a riot of mustard. Couple this with Holi and you can't blame me for having color on mind - lots of it :) To share this very 'colored' emotion, here I am with a selection of products (most of them handmade), for our readers to feast on - all with a dash of OCHRE!

Pssst...If you are in a mood to indulge, the links are included in Image credits

Images : 1. Etsy giardino;  2.;  3. Etsy nouveaudesigns

This is all so eye catching! A hand printed cushion, a door in Tunisia and an advent calendar featuring a streetscape from Amsterdam - I feel like opening each of these tiny flaps to see what's hidden inside..

Images: 4.;  5. Etsy lillipopsdesigns

Images (Etsy): 6. DanteTerzigni;  7. poolponydesign;  8. EloiseRenouf;  9. theblackbirdsings

Did you also notice that all these illustrations say "Nature" :)

Images (Etsy) : 10. ScoutandWhistle;  11. LittleJoobieBoo;  12. OleGlerup; 13. elukka
The patterns on this Aztec weave cushion are traditional, love how well the colors blend. The ceramic lamp - wow!

Images (Etsy): 14. LittleThingsHappen;  15. lluviadesigns;  16. theDeerCreekHouse;  17. elfinadesign

Images (Etsy except 21): 18. linkeldesigns;  19. emmalovesxxx;  20. juliaedean;  21.;  22. RoaringRetro

Ochre glass beads set in brass bead caps make for such a dainty piece.

Images: 23.;  24.
Ochre wall paint & wood tones - perfect pairing!

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