Monday, 19 January 2015

A   t h i n g   o f    b e a u t y    i s    a    j o y    f o r e v e r

I spent my childhood in a town that offered many avenues to connect with nature. A dry riverbed in the backyard provided an endless supply of clay for making toys. I had an enviable collection of feathers - located that we were at the foothills of Himalayas, densely populated with greenery and birds. 

It was commonplace to sight 'Neelkanths' (Blue Jay), enchanting our tiny, imaginative worlds with hues of blue. Evenings were often spent at the Ghats witnessing spell binding aartis, the mighty Ganges roaring by, swallowing floral offerings. 

As an adult living in a busy metropolitan city, I miss the solace and beauty of nature. I do manage to catch it in bits on sun lit mornings, sitting on my favorite ledge, drawing/ crafting something by hand. 

Handmade objects exude a certain warmth and are specially beautiful in their little imperfections. The start of the New Year is a special, warm time and here is a collection of objects, handpicked from Etsy that warmed my heart. 

Soaked in color, these objects will warm your heart too!

Images (Etsy): 1. rootsfarm; 2. OldeTymeNotions; 3. AntigoniCreations; 4. chARiTyelise

The set of platters takes one right in the midst of the ocean. Five tin toy tea cups of the 50s vintage and the playful spoons - wish you were a child again?!

Images (Etsy): 5. MarinskiHandmades; 6. StudioLind; 7. BeachBlues

These mason jars would make any day a beautiful day!

Images (Etsy): 8. AshleyPercival; 9. elisemahanfineart; 10. ValerieaneLeblond; 11. bluerosebeadery

I loved these illustrations. The birds are full of patterns and color - so much like they are in real life. 
Night is indeed so peaceful and magical - if you have the luxury of sleeping on a terrace gazing at stars.

Images (Etsy): 12. susanfarrington; 13. adatine; 14. TwoSadDonkeys

Look closely - there is lace, thread, fabric, patterned paper and more in the mushrooms. 

Images (Etsy): 15, 18. MiepundMeise; 16. VeraJayne; 17. UrsulaShop

Hand felted baby shoes!

Images (Etsy): 19. 2Hands2Tails; 20. goosegrease; 21. redstuga

Another mixed media illustration - very imaginative and artistic. 

images (Etsy): 22. MalotaShop; 23. TheSeasideKids; 24. BottegaKrua

No, it's not glass. This is a raku ceramic plate : a perfect example of how heat can change the nature and appearance of materials.

Images (Etsy): 25. TheCratePeople; 26. greenchildcreations; 27. LAccentNou

Here's a heartfelt thanks to all who make by hand - the warmth and love you put into your creations does touch us :)

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