Friday, 23 January 2015

U D A A N ... F L I G H T 

Text: Hina Nitesh
The other day while taking a stroll in the evening, I stopped by the backwaters. I was standing there admiring the crimson hue of the setting sun reflected on the water and the trees gently swaying with the light breeze. But what had me mesmerized for a longer time was the birds. A part of the backwaters has turned into a marshland and has become a home for birds. This change came about a month back and every evening these winged creatures manage to catch my attention. It gives me immense pleasure to see them flap their wings and soar high in the sky. Udaan or flight of the birds resonated with freedom and reaching the skies...

Image Courtesy: lestrictmaximum

So, here I am today dedicating the post to these winged friends and how they inspire the creatively inclined. The products showcased here are available at (the shop name mentioned with the product).

Image Courtesy: 1.Warmpersonality 2. Feltnjoy 3. MyfanwysAppliques 4. DiNuovo

Sometimes they become the muse of a painter while at other times a designer borrows their colours and patterns. 

Image Courtesy:  5. DecorPillowStore  6. LilyPillow  7. Joom  8. NancyNicholsonDesign

To cage them is not a good idea, but there are other ways to keep them in your homes.

Image Courtesy: PaintedElephantArt
The challenge for the designer is to capture the vibrant colors and  the melodies in their products. I fell for these little purses which seem so alive that I can also hear them say 'peep'. Can you?

Image Courtesy: 9.kirstinstride 10. FreshyFig 11. ByTheShed  12. EmilyMadeMe

Bird motifs on jewelry is quite a novel idea. I like the life like Kingfisher which will be perfect with an summer dress.

Image Courtesy: 13. LaBrecqueGlassworks 14. CeraMystica 15. TCChiuSculpture
16. CERAMICSbyVITA 17. IslandGirlPottery

Image Courtesy: 18. Sormeja19. SimplySocialDesign 20. handmadewithlove

With these beautiful images, my post comes to an end. But tomorrow is another day and I will go back to the water and stand admiring God's handiwork. If you too have been inspired by these little creatures, do share your work with us.

We would be too glad to publish it here.

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