Saturday, 31 January 2015

G O D   i s   i n   t h e   D E T A I L S
Clothing to me is an extension of self. It is, in ways, a reflection of who we are and what we think. 

I am personally partial to clothing designed with natural fabrics and handlooms; clothing that carries the warmth of the crafter's hand with little details enhancing the fabric.  Like our earlier feature on the lovely, earthy Cocoricooo, we today bring to you "Camelliatune" - a brand that offers refined, luxurious clothing for women in natural fabrics like linen, hemp, cotton etc.

Started by Tracy and based out of Hubei, China, Camelliatune's aesthetics capture one's heart. Easy silhouettes, lots of intricate stitching details (pin tucks used to stunning effect) and natural fabrics are the trademark here.

Beautifully photographed, each outfit calls for attention!

Embellishment is usually in the stitching details. The green dress above is an exception though, with lovely, abstract embroidery around the neck.

"Tangible, sensual, and personal….they suggest that craft and design are ultimately about the relationship established between makers of the things and the individuals who, by selecting and using those things, complete the creative process." Tracy, Designer, Camelliatune

Flowing beach dresses, everyday frocks and luxurious linen evening wear - you'll find them all here.

"Handcraft, natural materials, and traditional techniques are which I treasure and value most. Through my own handmade clothing, I wish for people would put aside the attitude of consumerism and cherish the rarity of the things made by hand and feelings that come along with." Tracy, Designer, Camelliatune

A wide range of colors is available to suit one's palate. 

Given that the brand is very young (2007), the range of designs on offer is wide and each is a piece to treasure. I would rate Camelliatune high on the scale for design innovation - one sees many unusual cuts and ways of structuring a garment.

According to Tracy, "a lot of my inspiration comes from Tang Dynasty folk art and 20th century styles, brief luxurious design, but also everyday life and all sorts of romantic notions and nostalgic recollections." 

With names like 'The Kingdom by the Sea' and 'Pomegranate Bloom' for the season's collections, the Designer's love for nature is all pervasive in her body of work.

Tracy's philosophy of 'change for personal growth' leads her to continually create newer designs. So grab the one that tugs at your soul at their shop here before it goes out of production!

All images: Camelliatune 

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