Tuesday, 8 December 2015

T O Y S    t h a t   c o m e   A L I V E

Children's fiction is alive with stories where toys come to life. They speak, dance and act like living beings. Our featured artist for today, Nadya Sheremet's handcrafted toys are similar - they come very close to being alive. Being somebody who enjoys crafting by hand, I am completely taken in by the beauty and detail in Nadya's creations. 

Nadya creates elaborate sets to photograph these toys. The result is nothing short of stunning.  
Born in Ukraine and living in Russia, Nadya cites forests and mountains as her big love. "Nothing pleases me as much as unity with Nature."

 There are many more aspects of Nadya's work that are eye catching - extravagant hairdos, designer costumes, intricate embroidery and a balanced use of many interesting fabrics.

The clothing is elaborately designed and detailed. I love the blue coat with an over sized collar above, showing off the embroidery design on the dress underneath.

Note the wooden legs and embroidered faces on the pirate pair. Natural antlers - what a lovely addition to this jacket totting reindeer!

Nadya's creations also include brooches, stuffed animal toys and other items - all incorporating her sometimes unconventional, always elaborate embroidered designs.

What an impressive confluence of fabrics, embellishment and design! A treat indeed! 

 All images: Copyright Nadya Sheremet

Text & creative layout copyrights: On the Design Boat   

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