Tuesday, 15 December 2015

S I M P L E  &  P L A Y F U L   

by Hina Nitesh

How many times have you sat down for a lecture with a pen and paper to take down notes and ended up with squiggles in the corners? Speaking for me - well  my mind was more on these little pen/pencil drawings than on the (often) boring lectures. In fact, one of my friends even experimented by closing her eyes and let her pencil 'respond' to the tone and tenor of the the lecturer's voice...The things we did in college!!

The lady I am introducing to you has taken 'doodling', as it is known, to another level. On OTDB today is Rachna Raghuram, an artist and a doodler. She is also the owner of the very aptly and cute sounding Doodle Doo. Though not formally trained as an artist, Rachna, has been doodling since her school days. She has a degree in business management and mass communication and even worked in the corporate sector for sometime.

While working a 9 to 5 job, she would doodle after work and on weekends. With her heart set on art, she sent mails to publishers of children's books and got successful when one of them responded. From here, there was no looking back. She gave up the cushy corporate job in favor of her of world of pens, pencil and colors. It was decision that she did not have to repent about. Presently, she works out of her home studio in Mysore and sells beautifully illustrated products through her online site Doodle Doo. She also customizes illustrations for clients as per their needs.

As I sit back and browse through DoodleDoo, there is a smile on my face that refuses to go. On the site you will find some lovely pocket mirrors (that's how it all started), calendars, fridge magnets, laptop sleeves etc. For me what takes the cake is part of a small link for 'portfolio illustrations' in which there are customized invitations.

The forms and lines in Rachna's works are pretty simple. The use of colors accentuate the illustration without overpowering it. I am in love with the way sentiments are portrayed in these illustrations -  playful lines overflowing with emotions. There is a child like quality in her works - a sense of innocence and positive thought process. Humour too is an integral part of her works.

Rachna is, as of now, a one woman army for Doodledoo and enjoys being her own boss. Apart from social media, she exhibits her products at flea markets and craft bazaar which she feels are good for connecting with the customer face to face.

Doodledoo is young venture and we wish Rachna all the success for her future. 

You can browse through her portfolio of works at Doodledoo and visit her Facebook Page

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