Tuesday, 24 November 2015

F R O Z E N  

by Hina Nitesh

No, this post is not about the movie but something equally interesting and captivating. How many times have you looked at waves and wondered if they could be put on hold? This week onthedesignboat is Graham Muir. The name might not be familiar to many but a look at his works and you will not forget him, that is a promise.

After teaching hot glass at Sunderland University for 9 years, Graham Muir established his studio in 1999 to make 'beautiful' glass. By his own definition beauty is not that which just attracts a viewer but that which keeps the viewer hooked. And he has surely been able to capture 'beauty' in his sculptures.

Coming back to the frozen wave question that I asked in the beginning -  Graham Muir's sculptures seem to capture that moment in time when that wave is frozen. To me it feels as if the glass waves will continue their motion the moment that split second in time is over. This lends the pieces a sense of delicateness and there is an ethereal quality about them. As the artist himself says, these pieces “convey both the beauty but also the often-frightening power of nature.”

Needless to say Graham Muir's work is not conventional. Departing from traditional handling of glass, Muir has over the years experimented and discovered a style which is unique to him.

Be it the wave sculptures or the scent bottles, they leave you mesmerized and wanting more. The artist has displayed his works are exhibition round the globe and also won many awards which recognize his creative genius.

Leaving you with some of the exquisite pieces from the artist's collection. 

For more details log on his website.