Sunday, 15 November 2015

F e s t i v e    T r e a t s
As we weave through festival season, I relish the changes around. The most pleasant of course being the weather. Mornings are a delight - slight nip in the air often accompanied with a lovely breeze that soaks you up. 

Diwali just went by and the urbanscape turned into a treat of color and light. Lanterns, diyas, flowers and finery was omnipresent. I now look forward to languid afternoons perfect for an outing under the sun, or just lazing around making another something by hand, giving shape to a fleeting inspiration. 

On that note, today we bring to you some gorgeous handmade beauties, perfect to indulge yourself with or share as a gift!

Images (Etsy): 1. leschiwelt; 2. Gingiber; 3. WatermelonCatCompany; 4. persimmonstreet; 5. StudioByTheForest

Handmade spells 'love' to me. The thought, feeling, care and time invested in creating something by hand inherently qualifies it to be that. The turquoise glaze in porcelain birds, deep red of the tulip painted on wood and the undulating forest green of 'looking-like-lilypads' serving platters is enchanting. 

Images (Etsy): 1. DoodleDooz; 2. MountRoyalMint; 3. Geninne; 4. TheAnatolian

Geninne's ink engraved journal covers are a treasure. The strawberry sprout sculpted from polymer clay (check out this store - I absolutely love their offerings) and this lovely green-blue dress would be any child's delight!

Images (Etsy): 1. LiquoriceMoonStudios; 2. MWstudio; 3. maplemist; 4. byloumi; 5. ToinoAbel; 6. KARUBA

Treat yourself or pamper that special woman with something from this selection of exquisite handcrafted jewelry and accessories. The Amber earrings would be a treasured addition to a modernist's collection. 
Freshwater pearls strung on linen cord - oooh! a must have!

Images (Etsy): 1. TheManerovs; 2,5. serpilguneysu; 3. Naryajewelry; 4. SolasJewelry

Filigreed flowers and amethyst - an eye-catching and an 'I want' pairing.
The celtic pendant and tulip silver earrings - love, love love.

Images (Etsy): 1. cumbucachic; 2. HalfLightHoney; 3. Barruntando; 4. BirdAndFeatherCo; 5. RubyRobinBoutique

 Add a dash of green around you with these unusual planters. I am enchanted with terrariums - complete miniature garden and can't help wanting the spherical one made out of hand blown glass.

Images (Etsy): 1. Geninne; 2. AWhitefieldDesign; 3. goosegreaseundone; 4. BrotherEarthBoutique; 5. WoodlandTale

 Some more love for children around you. 
The rocking whale made me want to be a child again!

Images (Etsy): 1. roootreee; 2. BLOCKWALLAH; 3. LilaRubyKingShop; 4. Unihom; 5. CurrantStudio; 6. aliette

 Prints, illustrations, wood blocks, home and hearth - something for everyone.

Images (Etsy): 1. FarmhouseMud; 2. claylicious; 3. LiquoriceMoonStudios; 4. susansimonini
 Ceramics, oh what beauty...
These blue gold Mediterranean bangles are stunning.

Images (Etsy): 1. schalleszter; 2. adatine; 3. ElizabethanFolkArt; 4. BottegaKrua; 5. Murtiga
 And then some more..

Images (Etsy): 1. TheHighFiber; 2. HouseofSeance; 3. ScottBergey; 4. BangiShop; 5. TLCPouches

 These hand printed towels, the orange patterned wallet, funky green shoes - all are a riot of color. And, color tugs at my heart :)

Images (Etsy): 1. ButternutBrooklyn; 2. BullCityGems; 3. roddyandginger; 4. YennyCocq; 5. TableTopJewels; 6. northvintage

Some more handmade items that would bring a smile to a face. The crocheted stones are lovely, as is the lamp with a geodite base. 

What a treasure from some very talented Designers and Makers! Time to tag hubby on this post ;))

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