Monday, 11 November 2013

S P I R I T E D      B R O N Z E

Text: Divya Agrawal

In a philosophical mode today...

What is the purpose of life? 
How did the human race become so technologically advanced within a span of a few thousand years? 
What more is the human brain capable of? 

Michelangelo's sculptures depicting the human body in all its glory are a sight to behold.   

Featured today are works by sculptor Asish Kumar Das, who also works with the human form, though in a different vocabulary. 

Lakshya Bhed II                                                           I Balance The World

Bold & precise lines, the human body sculpted to convey ultimate purposefulness - so reminiscent of the spirit imbibed by Ayn Rand protagonists, all cast in bronze and all so alive. 

            Lakshya Bhed I                                                                        Life Emerges
I like - Do you!

The Three Worlds Within Me                                          The Balance in Imbalance

All Images: Asish Kumar Das