Tuesday, 19 November 2013

B E J E W E L E D    J U X T A P O S I T I O N 
I chanced upon En Inde, an Indian jewelry brand recently and here we are with a feature on their eclectic product range. En Inde’s unique designs, created by blending contrasting materials are eye catching.  There’s plenty of cord, stainless steel, leather & acrylic woven together to create pieces that are visibly modern with undertones of the traditional.

Images: 1, 2, 3: En Inde;  4: Jaypore

On an emphatic display are qualities of the materials used – a feature I find truly essential in good design. One can see the texture, coarseness of jute whether it is braided or left to flow freely about. The solidity of steel is apparent, yet the finished design is fluid & feminine.

 Images: 5, 6, 7: En Inde

En Inde's handcrafted designs are simple on the surface but layered with multiple meanings. Coarse juxtaposed with the smooth, a hint of embellishment, Structure married to free flowing, physical layering.

 Images: 8: Farfetch.com;  9, 10,11: En Inde

A peep into their design philosophy reveals the intent “Each meticulously handcrafted piece is ubiquitously India. Unique, complex and a mixture of contrasting materials, each piece of En Inde invokes a curiosity in an imagery of India’s multiple layers…..En Inde’s jewellery breaches the space between India’s strengths and divisions, diversities and disparities, and encapsulates in its wholeness ultimate Indianess.” Source: En Inde Facebook

 Images: 12: En Inde; 13: Farfetch.com

My Take: A rich collage of materials & meanings - worthy of a place in one's jewelry collection.

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Like something? They retail online here: En Inde