Wednesday, 30 March 2016

N A T U R E 'S    w o n d r o u s    D E S I G N S

Nature never ceases to surprise. Exploring the widespread presence of Fibonacci numbers in the plant kingdom, or elements of nature (including human bodies) reflecting the Golden section, sets one thinking to the extent of precision and geometry present in Nature. Is Earth merely an accident, or, a precisely engineered wonder, whose creators choose to remain unknown! 

Mathematics apart, the color palette seen in Nature is as astounding. Umpteen shades of red, green, blue and colors I wouldn't even know the names of - all are on brilliant display in flowers, birds and leaves. 

Succulents, plants that thrive in arid conditions, are my most recent discovery in the color category :) What a big revelation these pictures have been to me - I never knew stems and leaves could have so much color. Guess, nature's unique and yet another mysterious way of bringing cheer to arid and barren landscapes.

Scroll through and revel in the beauty gifted to us...These are Nature's wondrous designs.

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 This 'ever green wreath' is a visual treat. Succulents grow easily from cuttings - just plant a small leaf/ pod and watch it thrive.

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Images (L to R):;; unknown

 A medley of varieties planted together to create a miniature Eco system!
Images (L to R):; linzzuelich@flickr;;
Were you too tricked into believing these are flowers?! 

Images (L to R):  Oberryssucculents (Etsy); design*sponge;
 Pot them, vase them

Images (L to R): Well-rooted Designs;

or watch them thrive wild.

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Images (L to R): unknown; The WHOot;

 Use them as center pieces, or, let go free.

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Images (L to R): hiddensandiego11@flickr;;

 Do you see a nautilus too!

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 Cacti are a sub group of succulents - a fact I recently discovered.

Images (L to R):  sfgirlbybay/ victoria smith;;


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Terraniums are a perfect place to showcase your creativity with succulents. I love these these miniature gardens.

Images (L to R): unknown; unknoown;

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