Wednesday, 16 September 2015

S E P T E M B E R    B L U E S 


Hina Nitesh

Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the Deity to be a 
source of delight

---John Ruskin

Sapphire is the stone for the month of September. The deep blue of 
sapphire is what surrounds me as I write this post sitting in my balcony looking at the quiet bay on the horizon.  
The colour evokes in me dual feelings.

On one hand there is a sense of tranquility and calm like in the picture of the Santorini Island that follows


and on the other there is energy and  dynamism...

Image -

Do colours have a gender? Then why does the notion of blue for boys and pink for girls exist? On a personal level, I love blue and all shades of it and cannot seem to have enough of it around me... So when September and Saphhire presented a blue opportunity, I clung to it in the form of this post - a collection of products in blue which can add that little extra to your September fashion

Image ( 1. PillowCushionCovers 2. AldariHome 3. WandererTextile 4. Yiayias

Whether it is a traditional Ikat or Shibori or whether it is a graphic printed one, a blue cushion will surely be the highlight of your living room

Image ( 5. NewMoonBeginnings 6.tundrapot 7. treasureagain 8. ReadinginRags

The mandala drawer knobs (number 8 above) are an absolute favourite. Teamed with natural wood they will bound to add a new character to any piece of furniture

Image ( 9. PinkFoxFindings 10.ElementalDesigns 11. RiverwalkDesigns 12. BOBOJewelry Shop

Sapphire itself is a deep blue semi precious stone which is used in ornaments. I love the traditional ornate piece (9) above as well as the contemporary interpretation (12).

Image ( 13. dgordon 14. agardenofdreams 15. HeathersWilde 16. Sandhills Pottery

Blue Pottery - will I ever get enough of it?  Recognised the world over as the traditional craft form from Jaipur, blue pottery is actually Turko-Persian in origin. The secret lies in the glaze that imparts the wares a delicate blue /green glaze. The end result - gorgeous products that are absolutely a delight to own.

Image ( 17. LoveAccented 18. norakaren 19. NakedOrchidGarters 20. Littlevys

What do you think about the blue peacock plume fascinator? A winner all the way is my guess.

Image ( 21. Tsurfer 22. DawntoDuskKnits 23. SilkScarvesColorado 24. MikelinaArt

Scarves, can be worn in many number of ways and if you have a blue one then it can be teemed up with many different outfits too!

Does, the Sapphire blue look good on its own or can it be combined with other colors. Well if the pictures below could speak then they would tell us about the many ways that harmony and balance can be achieved by combining two contrasting colours.

Image ( 25. BeautButtons 26. CuteAndSweetVintage 27. Danko Handmade 28. GramaryeCottage 29. Rouge Theory 30. mmim

Leaving you with some more images of the blues...

Image ( 31. PuffinPatchwork 32. CinderLisaBooks 33. Waterrose 34. TaniaFelt 35. BonniesCrochetCorner 36. Juja

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