Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I N D I G O    D e l i g h t s
Divya Agrawal

We are in the midst of Monsoons - four long months that spell 'Water'. This is a season of renewal.  Trees are sprouting new leaves, the dust all washed off. Puddles of water call out for some child like splashing. Hues of blue and green color nature, inviting one to marvel at this stunning transformation. 

Amongst the many variants of blue - Aquamarine, Indigo, Teal, Carmine and Celadon, Indigo holds endless fascination for me. It is a deep, mysterious color that conjures up images of the natural. Used in tapestries, garments, ceramics and more, this color lends a unique hue to create memorable objects. 

Here's an ode to this special color and Monsoon - a handpicked selection of beauties, which I'm sure will tug at your heart too!

Images: 1. Anne Woringer; 2. Yasha Butler; 3. Etsy tomoandedie; 4, 5. Etsy HonestAlchemyCo

Indigo and Madder, both natural dyes are used to a diaphanous effect in this lovely silk scarf. Anne Woringer's artwork "Crop Circles" with orange hand embroidery would be every indigo lover's delight. So would these Ceramic dishes be, reminiscent that they are of nautical forms.

Images: 6.; 7. Etsy LupenGrainne; 8. Etsy bomobob; 9. Etsy TraceyCapone

This board celebrates Indigo in nature - the Indigo mushroom Lactarius Indigo (had my kids in raptures - who ever knew about blue mushrooms!) and blueberries in snow.

Images: 10,11. Bandhani, Ajrakh; 12. Shibori apoolew2o @ Flickr; 13. Batik Etsy Dellshop

Textiles are perhaps the largest canvas for this color. Indigo dyeing has been practiced across many of the ancient civilizations with India being one of the earliest production centers. 

Bandhani, Ajrakh block printing, Batik and Shibori are some of the traditional techniques used to create unique and much in demand fabrics. I loved 'One Dark Circle' (above), a series of vertical Shibori discs.

Images: 14. Dosa; 15. Etsy WanderingNebula; 16.; 17. Etsy PapiersPrecieux

Being an admirer of Christina Kim's work, I couldn't help including this gorgeous Indigo dress from her label 'Dosa'. The kimono card (Japan also has a long tradition of Indigo dyeing) and hand dyed journey dress are lovely!

Images:Etsy (18. DavisVachon; 19. claycafe) 20. Broste Copenhagen; 21. Etsy (DatedandAntiquated; 22. Delftbluecufflinks)

The ceramic dishes (above no. 20), from Broste Copenhagen's collection 'Nordic Sea' have some unique patterns that conjure up images of frozen landscapes.

Images: All Etsy: 23. LunarBelle; 24. dyeing2meetU; 25. PoleStar; 26. InnerWolf

I am partial to natural stone jewelry - love these neck pieces incorporating agate and quartz.

Images: All Etsy: 27. katyshoestring; 28. scabbyrobot; 29. VLiving; 30. nativevermont

What an unusual Indigo hare!

Images: Works of:   31. Le Corbusier (La Tourette); 32. Carlo Scarpa (Brion Tomb)

Indigo in architecture: In the works of two great Architects, Le Corbusier & Carlos Scarpa. At La Tourette, a Priory in France, Corbusier incorporates one of my favorite palettes - Indigo, ochre and madder.

Images: 33.; Etsy: (34.  lespetitesmainsS; 35. royaldesignstencils; 36. DekDoi; 37. IndigoMoonLove )

Indigo for kids too! A gorgeous patchwork & embroidery quilt, a little doll in an Indigo dress, tribal weave boots and a tiny Shibori dress, all of which can find a place in this ochre stenciled wood cabinet :)

Images: 39.; Etsy: (38. bookBW; 40. PerroPaperCo; 41. Aloriam; 42. KONKADA)

The Ikat upholstered chair would be a center piece of any living room. The batik print cushion cover reminds me of Palampore patterns. More of Shibori, now on a greeting card..

Leaving you today on an Indigo high :)

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