Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pebble Art

Have stones ever been a source of wonder to you? They have been to me, every time I find one that has a line of color, a swirl of a pattern or a hint of mica. Not to forget one of my favorites - Amber (called a stone but actually resin), millions of years of history safely encapsulated. Stones - grey, black, yellow, reds - each is a carrier of a story, the journey it has undertaken and the events it has witnessed.  

Sharon Nolan, from Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada uses stones to create pictures that tell a story. Materials become tools in an artist's hands - a means for personal expression. Sharon's pebbles beautifully convey emotions..

Using pebbles, sea glass, twigs and more, the artist creates pictures that reach out to the viewer. 
Sharon has a knack of choosing her materials just right - a curve in the silhouette where it is required, an edge here, and, just the right combination of color - as in this lovely group of coastal houses above.

"...To say as much as I can with as little as possible." Sharon Nolan

Aren't these artworks captivating? It's hard to believe that stones can convey so much..

Sharon has mastered her chosen medium. Note the picture (top left) - the choice of stone sizes and types perfectly conveys the setting and mood, like a realistic watercolor would.

These animal compositions are adorable!

I have never come across sea glass on my beach outings...The ones in these pictures must have been tossed around for hundreds of years to have such nicely rounded edges. And, what lovely colors!

Special moments..

 And more..

I can't have enough of Sharon's Pebble Art. Time to head to her Etsy Shop?
All images: Sharon Nolan

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