Friday, 20 February 2015



Text: Hina Nitesh

A bottle of chilled beer is just perfect for a hot hot summer day. I am sure many readers would have started reminiscing about such afternoons. But tell me what happens to the beer bottle once its empty? Trash, probably is the answer.

Well in this age of reduce, reuse and recycle, the answer is a pity. As an inspiration, I will share with you a Buddhist temple in Thailand whose claim to fame is that it is made entirely out 
of what we trashed – yes the beer bottles!!

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple is made by the monks using more than a million beer bottles. The structure combines green bottles from Heineken and brown ones from locally brewn Chang beer.

The brown and green glass bottles filter the light and bathe the interiors in myriad shades. The monks have used the bottles in entirety. While the bottles are used for the walls, the caps have been used to make murals.

Drinking might not be a virtue as far as the religion is concerned, but the monks have made a virtue out of the empty bottles.

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