Friday, 5 December 2014

S n i p p e t * 16       W i n d o w   t o   m y   W o r l d

Snippets have been OTDB's design filled treats to our readers. 

After a year of bringing 'snippety' design from around the world to you, we've decided to expand the scope to include visuals that let you a peak into our, Divya and Hina's world!

The first in this series :)

A circular fenestration offers many possibilities, especially when it is a 5 feet diameter! 
After toying with the idea of a stained glass panel, I designed this window to hold my collection of ceramics, created over many years, and, books.

One of my favorite look-outs in our abode and the one that inspires me to draw, paint, design and create more!

Image: Divya Agrawal