Tuesday, 25 November 2014

W h e n    M i n d   m e e t s    M a c h i n e
Sewing has been a hobby of mine since long. 
As a child I would make soft toys, gathering patterns from magazines and the odd TV show (those were  pre-internet days) and tiny jackets and dresses for my dear dolls. The transformation of scraps of fabric into something with beauty and utility mesmerized me then and continues to so. 

The world of textile art is vast and magical. One can see textures, pattern and color woven across a collage of materials. Today's feature offers a peak into this world through the works of a textile artist, Sarah Walton.

Sarah is an artist extraordinaire.  She deftly manoeuvers thread with a sewing machine, over  a strategically placed patchwork of fabrics to create portraits and scenes from daily life. 

Sarah works with eye-catching, beautifully patterned fabrics and places them just right in her compositions.

These portraits also point to Sarah's fine grasp over translating human form across mediums and an eye for balance and detail.

These pieces could pass off for the works of a costume designer! I particularly like the lady in blue trousers.

A self portrait?

Exquisite detailing in the pieces above.

Sewing machine - Sarah's tool for expressing the artist within!

Some more happy moments on Sarah Walton's canvas.

We sure will be on the look out for more works from Sarah. Meanwhile, should you feel like adorning a wall in your home with Sarah's work, you may visit her Etsy shop here.

She also does commissions. You may get in touch with her here.

All Images: Copyright Sarah Walton

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