Friday, 14 November 2014

A   Y e a r ' s    J o u r n e y    w i t h    O T D B

On the Design Boat is a year old!  

We started a year back with a thought, of sharing with you what we find inspiring in the field of design. We are now a pulsating platform, having an extended online presence as an Etsy store where you can see more related to our design interests, having started with children's clothing.

Design inspires us. It is a constant in our lives.  
Buoyed by our encouraging readership statistics (5850 blog views to date!), we look ahead to continue to bring to you design in its many forms...

And, on our first anniversary, we would like to take you on a journey back in time to see all that OTDB has published in this one year!

Ceramics: studio pottery and clay traditions like the Pueblo storytellers

Sculpture: Paper cities, a paper boat on a journey through time

Architecture: Geoffery Bawa's residence, Retreats in Greece and South India, Boat House in Netherlands, and,

Some astonishing architectural forms in the Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku;  Shell house, Japan; Wind shelter, England

We also brought to you lots of Product Design: design with bamboo and cane; bead curtains; user friendly and inspiring packaging design; products made out of paper pulp, and, Kantha.

Crocheted playgrounds (yes!), furniture and paper lamps besides design in food!

 We also featured traditional crafts being presented in a contemporary form - lacquer and woodwork, besides cutting edge modern design.

 Graphic design and Street Art

Jewelry Design: Contemporary and Vintage, stunning fabric jewelry by Nadia Dafri.

Art, by celebrated artists

and, by the common man

Fashion: featuring the simple, indigenous and creative

Using native techniques and plenty of layering

 Textile Design: Blockprints, Kalamkari  and labels rooted in these techniques

We brought Our musings to you: On color, seasons, festivals and memories..

And finally, the all encompassing Nature

We hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as we have! Look forward to having you on board as we bring newer treats :)

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