Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A   R e t r e a t   i n   t h e   W i l d e r n e s s

Architecture that embraces its surroundings and evolves from the site is naturally enticing. Sensitive architecture responds to context - man-made, environmental and geographic. Architects can add another element with design : artfully created spaces.

India is a vast country with numerous climatic zones and varied geography. We hence get to see some exciting examples of 'contextual architectural responses' in many forms and materials.

We bring to you one such project today: INGADI, a countryside retreat in South India - A wonderfully designed home that invites nature inside and hugs the landscape it rises from.

This is a complex of three houses with a pool and pavilion. The structures are oriented to enable views of a holy mountain.

The interiors are serene, designed in a combination of wood & mud like plaster finish.

Designed by Mancini Architects (Chennai, India) in collaboration with Govinda Luke Bowley, the complex features a number of landscape features like suspended and sunken gardens.

Artifacts add beauty to detailed, sparse interiors.

I particularly like the kitchen/ dining area where the architects seem to have designed around original stones on site, incorporating a water body.

Traditional construction techniques like thick walls and large overhangs make for cool interiors. Elements like inbuilt open shelves (with terracotta utensils) are reminiscent of traditional kitchens which were roomy and had plenty of open storage.

The interiors have a zen like quality while the outdoor is engulfed by natural elements.

A heart warming space to call home.
Bird songs to wake up to each morning. 
Fragrance of flowers and leaves.
Grass to walk barefoot on.
Enjoying being one with nature..

A few benefits that come along with a space like this.
Images courtsey:  Mancini Architects

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