Thursday, 2 October 2014

A  U  T  U  M  N     M  U  S  I  N  G  S

Text: Hina Nitesh
Autumn is like a second spring, where every leaf is a flower 

– Albert Camus

Living by the sea side town in Kerala, there isn't much difference that I can make out as seasons pass by. The only decipherable difference is that the rains have decided to slow down. But this is the time of the year when I get nostalgic. It brings memories of hot summers and humid rainy season giving way to pleasant evenings. The slight nip in the air which would make you wish for a hot cup of tea or a light shawl.

Today being the Maha Ashtami day, let me begin by saying that May Ma Durga shower us with her blessings...

And then there are festivals and celebrations which you can breathe in the air. The Indian calendar from mid September till December, is lined with festivals. The entire country is in a celebration mode. Starting with Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam, followed by Navratris or Durga Puja or Dashera, then Diwali and Christmas - the holiday spirit refuses to die down till about the new year.

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Nature slowly changes its palette from lush green to deep orange and earthy brown and then all the leaves fall down, showing off the beauty in their bare branches.

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 For the creatively inclined there is so much to be inspired from. And because the season is just a passing phase, all the inspirations better be put into practice as soon as possible...


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I was browsing the net for autumn inspirations, I came across so many images that can form part of the inspirational collage and I leave you with them...

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