Saturday, 13 September 2014

B Y   t h e   W A T E R

All of us have a dream home - a home that is reflective of our experiences, aspirations; a place where we can be at rest, at peace with ourselves and the world; a space that inspires and invigorates us. 

This dream home can be the part of a busy city, a sleepy town, by the riverside or nestled deep in the mountains...Riverside cities, or, settlements evolved around canals offer a unique opportunity for mainstream life, 'by the water'. Paris, Venice, Amsterdam - all these beautiful cosmopolitan cities derive their unique architectural character from the water that flows through them.

We bring to you today water side living - a floating Dutch residence 'ParkArk'; a picture of serenity and in complete harmony with its surroundings.

Sited next to a seventeenth century park in Utrecht, Netherlands, the house looks as much a part of the canal as of the green. This 'houseboat' designed by BYTR Architects is copper and timber clad and is accessible by a footbridge.

Spacious, light filled interiors finished in complementing wooden & white accents make for a cosy, modern living space surrounded by  stunning views.

The client brief specified a boat for a home which afforded privacy while allowing views of the park. Added to this a 'full experience of living and floating on the water'. 

The boat's dimensions are governed by the Port Authority's bye-laws; the design and internal layout are a result of the unique requirements of designing on water, including maintaining structural balance.

An external staircase leading to a vegetated roof makes the house blend in completely with its surrounds. 
In the park or on the terrace? It's the same!

Images: BYTR architects 

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