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P A P E R    T A L E S ...
Text: Hina Nitesh

Image Courtesy - www.artyulia.com
Thin strips of coloured paper, a small tool and a whole lot of imagination can result in some very beautiful products. I had bought these strips to keep the boys occupied with something constructive during the summer break. what they made out of it is another story but it definitely made me have a deeper look into the technique.

Image Courtesy - www.allthingspaper.net

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By the way, I am talking about quilling. Also known as paper filigree, this art form involves rolling, curling, twisting,shaping and gluing the coloured strips of paper to form various shapes. What results can be used as a decorative ornament for cards, boxes, book covers, painting etc. 

Image Courtesy - nelika-neli.blogspot.com

Image Courtesy - www.etsy.com/shop/QuillingbyCourtney

As far as quilling is concerned, you are limited only by your imagination.

Image Courtesy - www.allthingspaper.net

Quilling originated during the Renaissance period with the French and Italian nuns and monks using the technique to decorate religious books and other items. They used paper with gilded edges and the designed imitated the ironwork patterns that were popular during the time. Later when quilling became a popular craft, it was limited to ladies of the 'upper' caste in Europe. 

Image Courtesy - artist Farah-al-Fardh at www.admaf.org

Image Courtesy - amazinginteriordesign.com

Image Courtesy - www.curlyquills.wordpress.com

Quilling is getting revived today with a number of people (including two lil boys) turning into quillers. it is not too hard to see why - the art involves using raw materials that are not too expensive. To add to that is the mind boggling variety of papers that are available to the quillers. Jewelry seems to the most popular product that is being made with this technique.
Image Courtesy - Barbarasbeautys at www.etsy.com 

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Image Courtesy - www. thrilling-quilling.blogspot.com
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Researching for this post, I came across an artist who has taken quilling to a totally different level. Yulia Brodskaya uses quilling technique to make paintings (if they can be called that). Each and every work of hers is a masterpiece which will leave you awestruck. The first image in this post is hers as are the ones that follow. The next 3 images are courtesy www.artyulia.com

So while I leave you with some inspiring examples, I am hoping that you will end up going to the hobby store and getting a set for yourself. I am all ready to see your own masterpieces coming up. 

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