Thursday, 3 July 2014

A   P O E M   i n   V A T S   o f    I N D I G O

Text: Divya Agrawal
There's a nip in the air. 
After a month of hide and seek, rains are truly here. 

Now is the time for chai & pakora sessions, cosying up with a book, listening to the music of rain. 
It is also a time to rejoice & reflect, to look inwards & be indoors more often than usual.

So what better a topic for this post than one about a range of textile products, 
infused with a splendid array of colors & patterns. 
Time to 'look inwards' & re-upholster, get new bed linen and a nice notepad to jot down your thoughts in!

For the purpose: John Robshaw Textiles

These fabrics make me swoon with their classic refined simplicity. Mughal motifs, jali patterns & many more traditional designs have been simplified and artistically used to create an array of lifestyle products.

The bed linen collections are so wonderfully put together. The base palette is usually white & a medley of prints color this background. 
Don't these luxurious linens make you want to drop everything and curl up into them?!

John Robshaw, the man behind this label, travels extensively through Asia to find inspirations for the brand's collections. A recent entry in his blog reveals "Dazzling Sri Lanka gave me the energy and colors for this Fall collection - banana greens, dusty blue grey elephants framed, by jungles- raucous plaid sarongs and offering flowers in pink and yellows."

Block printing being the main technique, India forms a major production base for JR textiles. An artist by training, John fell in love with traditional fabric making techniques during his travels. 
No surprise, an artist found a poem in vats of indigo..
"...One dip gives the fabric a sky-blue color, two dips and it deepens to cobalt, three dips and its a saturated midnight blue." John Robshaw

"I want all the colors, processes and designs from each culture to blend. I redesign them and mix up the processes in ways no one has ever done before. I try to edit them, learn from them, make them my own but retain their essence..." John Robshaw

I love the notepads. The black buck one is so beautifully done. 
Trying to figure out which bag is yours on that baggage carousel? This luggage tag will make it hard to miss :)

The paper prints are calling out for a space on your walls.

The "Souk" is John Robshaw Textile's international marketplace featuring many exotic finds from John's travels. 
Rich, saturated Ikats, unusual patterns from Gujarat adorned with mirrors, vintage textiles are some that can steal your heart away.

If you are yearning for more go straight to their website!

All Images: John Robshaw

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