Saturday, 26 July 2014

S N I P P E T  *  1 3    D E S I G N E R    E V E R Y O N E 

Text: Hina Nitesh

What does design do?
 It makes life easier...It adds a new perspective 
to the  way we look at things.

But not all designers go through a design school or are 'taught' to think differently. There are many amongst us who, without a design education, think out of the box and add a new flavor to the seemingly mundane things.

Today when there is so much conflict around the globe and people are fighting, there is someone who is doing things differently. On the occasion of Vijay Diwas, what would be better than to pay a small tribute to an unknown designer who is looking at things from a different perspective.  

 Making flowers bloom in teargas shells...
with the promise of a future


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