Sunday, 25 May 2014

C L O T H E S      W i t h    a     D I F F E R E N C E

Indian Summers are varied & colorful. The plains are sweltering hot, hill stations cool. Some places have added humidity. North witnesses dust storms. Roads burn & its a luxury to be indoors during afternoons. All await Monsoons - a four month long play with rains in India!

Despite the heat and humidity, I am enjoying Summer for its fruits - Mangoes & Litchi :) This is the ideal time to drown oneself in cool fruit drinks. Check out Paperboat for some amazing Indian flavors.

And now for those of us rummaging for comfortable cottons to beat the summer heat, clothes with a difference, all the way from Thailand, by Cocoricooo. 

A team of six manages this label, that uses only natural fabrics - cotton, rayon, linen, silk. Working out of Chiang Mai, a beautiful mountain city in Thailand, the team derives inspiration from nature around it. 

Cocoricooo, to me is "Out of the box Designs". 
Be it Dresses, Tops or Bottoms (especially) one can see a new take on garment design & construction.

I particularly liked this shrug for its many 'avataars'!

Bottoms - neither a trouser nor a skirt! 
What shall we call this but pure Ingenuity..

Easy silhouettes and fine detailing are the hallmarks of this label. 
I love the flow & fall of these garments.

Don't you love their color palette - earthy in line with the natural fabrics they use. 

Again, a different take on winter coats. Still a few months away for those of us in the midst of summers to consider :)

Cocoricooo sells online through sites like Etsy & Dwanda.  
A great advantage is you get to choose from their fabric swatches, the color you would like the garment made in!

Go summer shopping here from Cocoricooo

All images: Cocoricooo
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