Tuesday, 22 April 2014

W A T E R     S C U L P T U R E

A Sculpture can take any form it's creator desires. 

Years ago, I watched in rapt attention as a glass sculptor effortlessly shaped molten glass. The other day, kids, just back from school, had a wonder struck expression "Glass is made from sand. It can be melted!!" 

Isn't it amazing - so many forms of nature and the multitude of ways we can mould it...

So when I chanced upon the pictures below, I couldn't help but marvel at the skill of this sculptor who has created some fabulous work out of glass...ONLY to discover that these are actually "water sculptures" - momentary, magical, not even visible to the naked eye!

Germany based Heinz Maier has captured some of nature's 'acrobatics' through macro & high speed photography.

These pictures are a result of water drops & splashes intercating. By coloring the water, Heinz adds another dimension to this play of forms.

A split second can hold so much within...not perceivable to the human eye. How much is it that is there, still unknown, surrounding us??

Water - the word evokes responses like flow, fluidity. These pictures add to the repertoire with 'solid' & form...Can elements indeed exist in multiple forms & dimensions - an observer's world, is it?

Heinz Maier's work has added to my view of 'water'. Considering that Maier calls himself an amateur in the field, having started experimenting in 2010, one can confidently say that "Creativity has no bounds". The possibilities that surround us are endless - one just has to expand one's way of thinking, and, seeing!

All Images: Heinz Maier @ flickr  
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