Monday, 16 December 2013

D E L I C A T E L Y   Y O U R S 

Text: Hina Nitesh

‘Take me, use me, lead me, mold me, call me, fill me, guide me.
I give my life into the Potter’s hands’
Isaiah 64:8

I chanced upon a porcelain treasure yesterday and am excited to share it with you. Wapa Studio, in Israel is the focus of this post of mine. It was set up by ceramic designer Ady Shapira in 2003 after she completed her studies in ceramic design.

The vases, pieces of tableware and jewellery are all handmade with porcelain. What sets these piece apart is their form and the eye catching detailing which accentuates the form. Most pieces are white/cream in colour but are decorated with minimal streaks of colour or ornamentation in the form of perforations or addition of clay. 

Shapira has been experimenting with using slabs of porcelain and fashioning them into various objects. She uses various techniques like folding, twisting and assembling. The result is a unique object with a contemporary form. Inspired by the art of origami and kirigami, these pieces look as if created from paper. These pieces appear delicate but are strong.

She also used the technique of slip casting into molds designed by her. The use of finest quality of raw materials gives the pieces a certain translucency and glow.     

The entire range offered is lovely but for me what works are the sack pieces. They are unlike what one expects from porcelain. These ethereal objects will be ideal as pieces of conversation.

Leaving you with some pictures… 

All images are courtesy Wapa Studio